Iron Protective Mesh (3pcs)

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Have You Ever Burned Your Clothes With Your Iron?? Its Not A Fun Experience!!


If you are ever in a rush and need to iron your clothes the slightest press that is too long can cause the hot iron to melt your clothes and create a hole. This will ruin your clothes and then make a mess on your iron that is very hard to remove.

This protective Iron mesh is the solution that will save you money and time. Whenever you need to iron something just pop this mesh over your cloth and iron straight over it. This will iron your clothes perfectly the way you need them and at the same time keep them protected from the hot iron by not letting it come on contact with your clothes for too long.

Made from flexible material it is very easy to store and take around with you if you travel or wherever you need it. Fold it into a small square and take it with you. It is also washable just put it under the sink to wash or cool off and you are all set.

Use it in your everyday laundry folding and always have the nicest pressed clothes. Save your friends and maybe even get them a protective mesh to save them from some problems with clothes ironing.

Color: Random
Material: Mesh Cloth
Size: 40 * 60cm / 15.75 * 23.62″

Package Included:
3PCs * Insulation pad

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